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Why you should join Quiz Network  ?? ->


You get 80% from day #1. We strongly believe 80/20 is a fair split between partner and MCN. You may make even more money with our referral program.


We have developed a unique dashboard to make things easierfor you. You may manage and trace all parameters across channels, period and many other dimensions. We improve dashboard on a regular basis providing more features for your comfort and safety.


Help us grow QuizGroup network and enjoy extra revenue. You get 10% of QuizGroup revenue share from each channel joined our network by your referral. Bring more channels and make more money with us!
Wow! Wow ? Join now
Join Network Youtube Quiz – This is the Prestige Network, Eat Chia Rate High, located in NetWork World Top.

Diverse payment, Bank, paypal and,wmz. .. Recurring payment last month.  Min Pay 1 $
-Participation conditions and quick, simple review.
-Feed rate divided by 80% to 90% and Network varies depending on the speed of your channel hot.
-On Network Quiz video killed the exclamation (!) will turn on make money is off
-Join the Network to stop the national Quiz for your videos … ….

Step 1: (you should login accounts have registered first youtube channel)

First of all from your browser to the following link:


(Encourage you to follow this link:  https://www.Network Quiz/gioithieuQuiz– -this is the Quiz link admin demo, When you register for this link, you rest assured every issue will be the best support. )

Step 2:  Click to select the “JOIN NOW” To begin registration.

Step 3Select a mail account for which you have a youtube channel.

Step 4:  Select “Allow” to Network check your channel

Then if your channel is accepted, you in turn fill out the information on the form is correct and accurate.
(Then you complete the information form of the network such as contracts, mail, payment account name, date of birth, year of birth, country, postal code … …
Then you complete the form on network information such as contracts, mail name, account payment, date of birth, year of birth, country, postal code …… )

7. Vào to accept the invitation of QUIZ
Or in this breed

Bạn Sẽ thấy dòng như này

Or Like this you click on it
Area of the mouse I accept-> join the network.
Tiếp Tục
Và Hoàn tất

8. Check mail trong vòng 30 phút đến 24h để ký hợp đồng ( Hiện giờ có lúc quiz ký luôn lúc đó )

Sau Khi đã vào có biểu tướng như hính dưới đây

** This is the net guarantee not just like an other website say it should the assured ***
Payment of quiz recently:

Quiz Pay Money 5/2016

Wish you success


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